About Us

M/s ‘Arch technoplastic compnents.’ was founded in March 2015, in Proprietorship by Mr. Abhijeet Arvind More for Plastic Moulding Components. This is changed by name of date 01.04.2021 as M/s ‘TECH ARCH AUTOCOMP PRIVATE LIMITED.’

Currently M/s ‘TECH ARCH AUTOCOMP PRIVATE LIMITED’ is supplying plastic moulded components in Automobile Industries for Automotive lighting assemblies.

The components are as Bulb Holder, Housing, Lens, used in Head lamp, Tail lamp & Adaptor used for engine oil / fuel indicator.

We have 13 Injection Moulding Machines from 150 Tons to 1080 Tons.

We are supplying our parts to tier 1 supplier of ‘Maruti Suzuki’, ‘ Ford’ , ‘Fiat’, ‘VW’, ‘Nissan’, ‘Renault’, ‘Volvo’, ‘Mercedes Benz’, etc.

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Gat No. 103/1 & 103/2, Near Dwarka School,
Village Ambethan, Tal – Khed, Dist – Pune. 410501

Email: arch010315@gmail.com